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Explore the Types of Jobs available at Ontario Parks

The FAQ’s of Ontario Parks Employment Opportunities

  1. What forms of employment exist with Ontario Parks?
  2. When is the operating season?
  3. When does hiring take place?
  4. Are all seasonal jobs just for students and youth?

On the Job – Working for Ontario Parks

Training - Many of the positions provide staff with training and learning opportunities. These may include:

Accommodations - Staff accommodations are offered at some parks and generally include shared living accommodations such as rooming, dining and common areas. Anyone wishing further information should contact the park they are interested in directly to see if accommodations are available.

Bilingual Positions – Consider using your French language skills in a variety of bilingual positions available at Ontario Parks. The level of language skills required depends on the specific job.

Got what it takes? - Skills We Look For

In addition to the qualifications that are specific to each job type, Ontario Parks is looking for skills that will be an asset in any position!

We look for:

Why not spend the season at Ontario Parks providing administrative support, outdoor labour or even nature interpretation? Whatever the position, you can bet it will be a job you won’t forget!

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